Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teacher's union in Nevada trying to stop votes?

Basically, the Clinton backed Teacher's union is trying to block voting for the Democratic caucus from taking place at the casino's - right after Obama gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers union.

Which would do its voting at - wait for it - the casino's.

This is really disappointing. Every time I start to feel good about Ms. Clinton as President, something like this comes up - negative (and frankly false and hypocritical) letters in New Hampshire, statements like "Well, JFK may have started the civil rights ideas but he was assassinated", and now this "Oh, gee, it's not fair that the food services union gets easy access to voting booths *after* they endorse my opposing candidate".

It stinks of the kind of tactics I'd expect from the Republicans: nasty, negative, divisive politics. And I'd like to think after spending her time victimized by that organization, she'd be better than this.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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