Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh, for the love of God!

We're not down to political discourse of Huckabee critisizing Romney because the man wants to eat his fried chicken without the skin?

Good god. Next thing, it'll be Edwards hair or if Hilary "really" cried or if McCain secretly has "liberal tendencies-


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Pam said...

Oh, we went that low years ago. Remember the mocking Kerry received because he had the gall to request swiss cheese[*] on his Philly Cheesesteak sandwich?

[*] Or equivalent. Point being, he was some effette liberal 'cause he didn't want it in the "traditional" Philly style.[**]

[**] None of the "news" people who blathered about that bothered to mention that traditional Philly style is CHEESE WHIZ.

John Hummel said...

I have never understood the cheese whiz thing. I mean - really.