Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clash of the analogies!

Coworker:  I don't want Obama for President.

Me:  Oh?  Why not?

Coworker:  It's like Star Trek.

Me:  OK - go ahead.

Coworker:  You don't get to go from Ensign to Captain in one shot.  You have to put in your time, move up the ranks, get the feel for the whole ship before you become captain.  You have to do some time in all the other jobs before you get to sit in Jean Luc Picard's chair.

Me:  Unless you're Captain Kirk.  Remember - the youngest captain in Starfleet history?  The only one who successfully "beat" the Kobayashi Maru test, which then showed his obvious expertise - even at a young age - that got him onto a fast track into becoming the captain of the Enterprise, the Federation's flagship?  Who do you really think kicked more ass - Picard, or Kirk?

Coworker:  Kirk got more tail, I'll grant you that.

Me:  Exactly.

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