Monday, January 28, 2008

Republicans showing their true colors

I had a coworker tell me that Obama was a muslim, secretly out to destroy the US.

Rush Limbaugh plays "Obama the Magic Negro", considers it funny, and acts shocked that anybody calls it racist.

Then, you've got a small town that publishes an article by YoMama Bin Barack that is full of some of the most racist shit I've seen in some time.

It seems the closer the nation as a whole grows to actually embracing people regardless of race, the more the entrenched, hard core Republicans fight like cornered rats. At first their racism was subtle - oh, we don't *really* need Affirmative Action - we're equal now! (Tell that to magazines, CEO's, the majority of executives, nearly every politician, and every president).

We don't *need* to investigate reports of voter surpression for minorities (instead, let's go after them for voter fraud, even though we can't prove it!).

Now they're being more blatent. I say let them. Shine the light on them so everybody can see.

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