Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More coworker discussions

Coworker:  You know, my son is going into politics.  He's going to run for a state attorney's office.

Me:  Really?  Cool.

Coworker:  I don't know - I told him that he had a good chance at private business, why dirty it up with politics?  He's just going to get mud thrown all over him.

Me:  Or, he could be a positive force and change how things work.

Coworker:  You can't change how politics works.

Me:  Bullshit.  The strength that the Founders gave us is that we can have *exactly* the kind of people in office as we want.  If we want good, honest people who debate the issues and reach decisions that benefit us, then we have to vote for them.  If we just throw up our hands and say "Well, they're all dishonest, and there's no use getting involved", then we will get *exactly* the kind of people we see now:  dirty, lying, attack politics that benefit no one but themselves.  *We* have to choose the good people - and good for your son for deciding that he's going to work to do good for people.

Coworker:  Yeah, I guess so.

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Poet/Ninja said...

The thing I find myself thinking is "how do we get the different politicians to the fore, actually DOING good?"

I'm very much considering this as an option. Granted, in my current situation, that's laughable from another perspective, but what can you do? Someone needs to come up and stand for the issues I see, and it isn't gonna be career slimeballs.