Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the Hilary Snub at the State of the Union Address

This is rather telling:

She's turning, so is Barack.  She shakes Ted Kennedy's hand.  Nobody's being snubbed.

Except -

SEN. CLINTON: Well, Chris, I reached out my hand in friendship and unity and my hand is still reaching out. And I look forward to shaking his hand when I see him at the debate in California. But what is important here is that any differences between us as Democrats pale in comparison to the differences between us and the Republicans, and I think we will have a unified Democratic Party... We will come together, not only as a party, but as a country in this election year, and I am confident that we are going to present a very strong case to the American people as to why Democrats should once again be in the White House.

From an appearnce on Fox news.

Something strikes me as - odd. I guess I'll have to decide if I'm trusting Ms. Clinton, or my lying eyes?

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Trying the war in Iraq to the recession

There are some thoughts that while war is usually good for the economy, the war in Iraq has been incredibly bad for ours.

An approach I agree with.

We could be using $500+ billion spent to balance the budget.  But we spent it on the war.

We could be spending $500+ billion to shore up our freeways and bridges, to increase public transportation so people spend less money at the pump and have more money for other goods.  But we spent it on the war.

We could be spending $500+ billion to provide health care to every child in the nation so parents wouldn't fear going bankrupt if their child gets sick.  But we spend it on the war.

We could be spending $500+ billion on sending every eligible high school graduate to college, thereby turning out a nation of the most educated, competitive people in the world.  But we spent it on the war.

We could be spending $500+ billion on increasing teacher pay, building up all of our schools across the nation so that no child is "left behind" by actually making sure they complete high school and are ready for the job market.  But we spent it on the war.

And of course, we could have thousands of young men and women not be maimed or injured or traumatized.

But we spent them on the war.

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Edwards to drop out?

My wife will be a little sad, but Edwards may be dropping out.

if so, the question is: who benefits? Certainly not the American people - Edwards ran a strong race. I didn't alwys agree with his tactics, but I respected his message. I just thought someone else could do more.

Whomever he gives his support to of the remaining candidates will get a big boost - including those delegates. My personal bet is that he'll hold out until after Tuesday, if not until the convention.

At the same time, does him not in the race at all help Clinton or Obama? Does his being out put more anti-establishment vote into the Obama camp. or does it put more rural white voters her way?

People have been arguing over it either way for some time. I'll be honest: I don't know.

Part of me is glad he's out, to let the two contenders duke it out. Part of me is sad he's gone - I believe him to be a good man who can still do a lot of service for his country, and I applaud his efforts.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Proof that I am a jerk

Dude: You know, Obama voted present 29 times on pro-choice issues. Sounds like he's not really pro-choice.

Me: Actually, in Illinois Senate, "present" means "no". Planned parenthood asked democratic senators to vote "present" to kill some very rotten anti-abortion bills to support Illinois senators in problem districts. By voting "present", the bill could be defeated without the pro-choice senators facing election issues back in their area. He explained that after the Clinton's misrepresented his votes.

Dude: If Obama didn't want people misrepresenting his record on voting "present" issues, he should have explained himself before other people started making accusations. Then he wouldn't have to explain it to people.

Me: I never thought of it that way.

Dude: I didn't think so.

Me: By the way, your Mom's a big whore.

Dude: What? She is not!

Me: Well, you should have explained that before I started making accusations. Then you wouldn't have to explain how your mom isn't really a big slut who does everybody.

Dude: You're a jerk.

Me: Yeah. I've heard that. Usually from people who make stupid statements.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Republicans showing their true colors

I had a coworker tell me that Obama was a muslim, secretly out to destroy the US.

Rush Limbaugh plays "Obama the Magic Negro", considers it funny, and acts shocked that anybody calls it racist.

Then, you've got a small town that publishes an article by YoMama Bin Barack that is full of some of the most racist shit I've seen in some time.

It seems the closer the nation as a whole grows to actually embracing people regardless of race, the more the entrenched, hard core Republicans fight like cornered rats. At first their racism was subtle - oh, we don't *really* need Affirmative Action - we're equal now! (Tell that to magazines, CEO's, the majority of executives, nearly every politician, and every president).

We don't *need* to investigate reports of voter surpression for minorities (instead, let's go after them for voter fraud, even though we can't prove it!).

Now they're being more blatent. I say let them. Shine the light on them so everybody can see.

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Clinton: The rules don't apply to me

Months ago, Michigan and Florida decided that they were going to move up their caucus. For right or wrong, the Democratic party warned them if they did that, their delegates would be stripped.

They did it, and the delegates were stripped. From there, it was agreed that no Democratic candidate would campaign in MI or FL. Their names would not appear on the ballot in MI - they had to be on FL to keep them on the ballot in November.

Unless - you're Hilary Clinton. I can't decide I'm going to link to a Fox News article, but long story short, she's coming to Florida. Oh, but she's not "campaigning". She's just here to "make sure the voters are heard".

She now claims that since she won in MI (amazing what happens when you're the only one who doesn't remove your name from the ballot), MI should could and the delegates assigned.

Just - I can't believe the hubris. Everybody else plays by the rules. Nevada, the Culinary Union gets special permission to hold votes in their casinos *months* before the election - then Bill Clinton defends the Teacher's Union lawsuit that would prevent it (just after the Culinary Union endorsed Obama).

It's getting harder and harder for me to keep liking her as time goes on.

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Ted Kennedy's speech

Here's the transcript At Huffington Post.

Excellent stuff. And you read between the lines, you can really see where he reads between the lines at how pissed me got at the Clinton campaign.

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The definition of conservative compassion

Turns out that the original term comes from a book which basically says to get rid of compassion to deal with the poor, since that will make them raise up and get jobs, the lazy bums.

There it was. The whole time. Compassionate Conservatism boils down let the suckers starve, and they'll get their act together. Anything else is false compassion that lets them rot.

Hm. Took this long.

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A response to "But Clinton was attacked by Obama first!"

I'm sorry - but I call bullshit.

It was the Clinton campaign that started with frankly lie filled fliers in NH, claiming that Obama wasn't "really" pro-choice by distorting how Illinois politics works.

It was the Clinton campaign that went through grade school records to try and prove some strange "master plan" by Obama to become President.

It was the Clinton campaign that started reminding people starting in NH that "Oh, hey, did you know his father was a Muslim? His middle name is Hussein? How about that?"

It was Bill Clinton that justified the Teacher's Union trying to sue to remove the Culinary Union's ability to vote at their jobs outside their district when they had approval *months* before - only to change when they gave their endorsement to Obama.

It was the Clinton campaign who had not one, not two, but *three* different members remind people "Hey, you know that 30 years ago, Obama did drugs! Hey, Bill didn't inhale, so it's OK!"

It was the Clinton campaign that told people that even referencing how past political leaders of the Republican party meant that you were disloyal to Democratic ideals.

It was Bill Clinton who all but said that SC didn't matter because, well, you know, Jesse Jackson won in 84 and 88 - those black people must just vote for black people without thought, huh? Of course, he ignored that Bill Clinton won SC in 92, that Edwards won SC in '04, so saying that SC just "doesn't matter" would certainly piss me off if I lived there - and may explain why the polls went from 50% to Barack from black voters, 10% of white voters, jumped to 80% of black voters and 26% for white voters - people were pissed.

I used to support Hilary. I used to respect her. But with all of the bullshit her group has been throwing for months now, she lost me. I'll go to Edwards, I'll go to Obama - but if she's going to lie and deceive now, I'm not going to trust her with the white house.

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Watching Ted Kennedy speak

You know, if John F. Kennedy was really more charismatic than Ted Kennedy, I can see why people flocked to him. I'm watching it now - first Robert, then Caroline. Fine speeches.

Then Teddy - and it was like the sun before the moon. It really is a good speech, it's thrilling, it hits the points of experience, gets in very subtle digs, he knows how to play the crowd.

And then I think about the Obama speeches, and he's still better. Damn - makes me wish I had been alive during the JFK days to hear him talk live to compare.

I don't know if he can win. I don't know if he can beat Hilary's head start. But damn - between Teddy and Obama and the like, he's going to give her one *hell* of a fight.

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A Macacca moment?

You've probably seen it by now -

It's been on the news. Over and over again.

Bill Clinton could have said "Well, John Edwards won South Carolina in 2004, and he ran a good campaign." You know who else won South Carolina?

Bill Clinton, in 1992, if I remember correctly.

But the importance is the moment, where Bill is basically sayiing "Well, South Carolina doesn't matter, because we expected the black vote to go here." This moment stung in the minds of people - here in Florida, I know a lot of black people pissed by it when I was going door to door to remind them to vote on Tuesday (even though the vote "doesn't matter").

It was almost a moment like this one:

Allen started with "Oh, I'm Mr. Positive - and here's Macaca over here!"

It was played over. And over. And over again, and it probably lost Allen the election, and his chances at running for president some day himself.

I can't help but wonder if this isn't Bill Clinton's Macaca moment. It's been on the news over. And over. And over again. And then afterwards, when Ms. Clinton gave the congratulations that lasted 5 seconds.

It almost smacked of "Well, South Carolina - we didn't think it was worth fighting for. I wasn't even in the state at the time when it was over."

I don't know if it will last until next Tuesday. I don't know if Clinton will "sweep" Florida, or just barely win it. But I think that this clip of Clinton's Macaca moment will hurt them for a loooooong time.

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And - more stupidity

Hey, did you know that both Obama and Malcom X used "bamboozled" and "hoodwinked" in speeches! OMG!

I guess Obama, talking to a black crowd, used language that everyone understood. OMG, he's using the race card!

Or, he probably really wanted to say "Hey, don't believe that fucking shit coming from the Clinton campaign that I love Reagen or I'm not really pro-choice." But I don't think that would have made for nice TV coverage.

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Oh, for the love of God!

We're not down to political discourse of Huckabee critisizing Romney because the man wants to eat his fried chicken without the skin?

Good god. Next thing, it'll be Edwards hair or if Hilary "really" cried or if McCain secretly has "liberal tendencies-


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I can't decide if this is good or bad

New home sales - biggest drop ever

I'm saving my money. I'm going to save every penny. So next year, I can get that house and keep it. But dang - I feel really bad for everybody else.

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Montel Williams is the man!

Being invited on Fox News to talk about Heath Ledger? Not bad.

Being invited onto Fox News and slamming them about not covering a single killed soldier in Iraq - pure pwnership.

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An intersting perspective on our first "black president"

Turns out that famous Toni Morrison quote about how Bill Clinton is our first black president? Turns out it wasn't exactly a compliment:

A look at the context of the words at the source is illuminating. Morrison began by describing a nation glued to unseemly details of Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky, as Kenneth Starr pursued his investigation and Republicans cheered him on. She questioned the pitch of Starr-fueled hysteria, and said: "Years ago, in the middle of the Whitewater investigation, one heard the first murmurs: white skin notwithstanding, this is our first black President. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children's lifetime. . . .The always and already guilty 'perp' is being hunted down not by a prosecutor's obsessive application of law but by a different kind of pursuer, one who makes new laws out of the shards of those he breaks." - Source: Salon

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Split the white guy vote?

MSNBC just reported an interesting statistic:  while Ms. Clinton got 36% of the white vote, between white *males* Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton got the exact same numbers.  It's not surprising she got a bump from the ladies - but it's interesting that guys were pretty split.

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Obama is projected to win South Carolina

It took 60 seconds to call the result.

According to MSNBC, it looks like Obama is going to win South Carlina by "big numbers", possibly as large as 49% to 37%!

Some other interesting numbers they just put up on the screen:  81% of African Americans voted for Obama opposed to 24% of white voters.  Ms. Clinton got 36% of white voters, and only 17%.

Personally, I think this will destroy the comments of "Oh, South Carolina are going to vote for Barack because of black voters - white people won't vote for him".  At 24/36/29 split for Obama/Clinton/Edwards,  it would seem that nearly the same number of white people in SC liked Obama almost as much as Hilary or Edwards.

The numbers are also showing major changes within the last 3 days.  3 days ago, Mr. Obama was at 50% for black voters, 10% for white.  That changed in a major way within a few days - and I think the negative attacks of the Clintons hit the news cycle, and it's been the big cycle for the last few days.

Hold on to your seats, folks.  I'm going to go sign up to go door to door and help spread the word in Florida.  Yeah, I know - Florida doesn't count, but if I can help deliver the vote to a guy who doesn't lie about his opponent, then I can live with that.

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I need this to save you - unless it's not exactly how I want it

President Bush has been telling people that if he doesn't get the updated FISA bill, that terrorirsts are gong to start using their cell phones, buildings will collaspe everywhere, and someone will start engaging in sex with Big Bird. No, not Mr. Snuffleufflgus - but terrorists.

No, not terrorists!

But - if that FISA bill doesn't include immunity for the telecoms - the ones that didn't bother to ask the government for a warrant, and instead turned over private information without a pause, well, then he'll veto it.

Oh, and if Congress and Senate passes a 30 day extension of the current FISA system, then he'll veto that as well.

So, terrorists are going to kill us starting Monday. Unless he gets the bill *exactly* the way he wants it, with *exactly* the immunity for telcos he wants. Otherwise, well, I guess he'll just let the terrorists win.

I'm trying to remember - when he said that you're either "with us or against us", was he talking about America, or just his personal interests?

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Shun! Shun the Unbeliever!

It now seems that in the Republican and Democratic race to become President, that the biggest sin you can commit is to -

Actually talk to a Democrat or a Republican.

Remember when Mr. Obama got flack for daring to say that Reagen's power was in uniting people behind him - even if it turns out he was leading them into a big incinerator with the promise of cake?

Well, evidently, Romney is hopping mad because McCain has actually talked to Democrats. From the article:

In a new Web ad released Friday, Romney's campaign is highlighting McCain's willingness to work across the aisle, and his strong relationships with some Senate Democrats.

Oh, no! You mean, instead of saying (like Dick Cheney did) that all you need is a 50.1% majority and you can do whatever you want, that a *real* leader tries to do things that we can all agree upon, things that help a true majority of people and unite them?

Obviously, McCain is a dirty, filthy traitor to the Republican party, and by Romeny's standards, is worthy only of death. Or, something like that.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

When at first he fails - hire him again

Planning the Iraq war? Failure.

Heading the World Bank and having the entire committee not want you any more because of inappropriate relationships with your girlfriend's business? Failure.

But hey - remember, this it the Bush administration, so they're bringing back Paul Wolfowitz to prove that no matter how badly you screw up, you *still* can be given another chance to make things even worse!

Now, all we need to do is hire back Michael Brown as a disaster recovery planner, and the plan by the Republicans to show that government *can't* be run properly will be complete!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Clinton Excuses I'm tired of

1.  Well, if Obama thinks that the mud Hilary's slinging at him is bad now, then he won't be able to survive the Republicans.

Yeah, that's a good excuse.  "Look, we know the Republicans are utter slimeballs when it comes to lying about their opponents.  So we should do the same thing *now* to beat them to the punch!"

2. "It's just the way politics is. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.

Maybe that's not the way politics "is" (though I guess it depends on your definitionof "is"). What if we elected politicians who, instead of lying about their opponents, told the truth? That's it. They didn't bash their opponents, but talked about themselves.

What a crazy idea that people would actually vote honest and honerable people into office, instead of those that lie and deceive. Insanity!

3. Some of the things they talk about Obama admitted, like his former drug use as a teenager. That's fair game.

It may be fair game, but it smacks of hypocrisy. Remember when the Clinton's told us that, well, their drug use was OK because they didn't inhale? So a different guy comes along, says "Yeah, 30 years ago I did something stupid, then I cleaned myself up and dedicated myself to helping my community." But for some reason, *his* past mistake is OK to jump all over, but don't we dare bring up *their* past mistakes (*cough*Monica*cough*).

Those are the two big general ones I'm seeing lately. Personally, I'm getting tired of it. Bill Clinton now claims it's all the medias fault that it looks like he and Obama are fighting. Right, Bill - after you lied about his opposition to the war, your wife's campaign lied about his pro-choice record, after it was OK to say he used drugs as a teenager (oh, but you "didn't inhale" - it's all the media's fault for picking up on that.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

5 games

I have a problem - I was considering only buying 5 games this year, so I started going over my list.

The problem?  I'm already down to one slot left :(.  Here's my breakdown:

Advance Wars:  Days of Ruin  (DS)
Apollo Justice (DS)
No More Heroes (Wii)
Professor Layton & the Curious Village (DS)

So, as you can see, I'm getting kind of low.

I've all but decided that should Ninja Gaiden Sigma (PS3) and Elder Scrolls IV:  Oblivion (PS3) hit budget (aka - $29) I'll pick them up, but they won't count.

My problem is a) I have only one slot left, and b) I have no clue what to get.  I'll probably just leave it blank for now and take a "wait and see" approach.

Now, I still have my Gamefly rental list, so things like Bully for the Wii and maybe Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) will be on the list.  The latter may be intersting - I've never played GTA before.

But for now, I'm going to get my children into bed and read my Artificial Intelligence book.  I'm already ahead by about 5 chapters, and I want to have the first homework done by the end of this week, which should put me 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

*Then* I can play games.  Maybe when I'm done, I can get some more Persona 3 time in.  I think I have enough charm to start wooing Yukari-chan (though I'm hoping to get enough academics so I can go after Mitsuru - older girls rule.  Well, older than my character, anyway.  *cough*).

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More Hilary Half-Truths

Today's Clinton misinformation comes to us from - Health Care and misrepresenting Mr. Obama.

The video can be found here:

And here's the text that they're referencing:

“So the challenge is, how do we get federal government to take care of this business? I happen to be a proponent of a single payer health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14% of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that’s what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out.

"A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that’s what I’d like to see. And as all of you know, we may not get their immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, we have to take back the House.” (2003)

And, from last night's debate, Mr. Obama mentioned he had never proposed single payer health care.

Wait - but I thought that Mr. Obama wasn't proposing a single payer health care system! Surely, this proves he's lying! Someone, fetch my smelling salts and a hanky!

Or - that's what you'd like the Clinton campaign to have you believe.

The truth is here at the Obama fact check site, and can be narroed down into this:

Here's the bottom line. If I were designing a system from scratch I would probably set up a single-payer system...But we're not designing a system from scratch...And when we had a healthcare forum before I set up my healthcare plan here in Iowa there was a lot of resistance to a single-payer system. So what I believe is we should set up a series of choices....Over time it may be that we end up transitioning to such a system. For now, I just want to make sure every American is covered...I don't want to wait for that perfect system

In other words, sure, he'd like a single payer system. Odds are, we're not going to get that in 4 years. So you step it up. Get more care for all children. Start with someone everyone (well, unless you're Mr. Bush who vetoes child care bills) can agree on - then go from there.

I really need to come up with a Clinton Bullshit list, because I'm getting a little annoyed about it.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Very alone in church

They were passing forms for an amendement for making marriage between
a man and woman.

I think I was the only one who told the leaders I did want one.

Guess I'm not being called to any callings soon....

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Great. Now we're sending back soldiers on crutches

It's not new, but it's still happening: The armed forces sending soldiers back to Iraq still with medical issues. Army doctors rule them a "no-go", but they're sent back anyway.

'Cause, you know, they could still hold a machine gun on one hand and a walking cane in the other, or something. Remember, this is Bush supporting the troops.

Come on, CNN. Stop being poops

OK. CNN - we get it, you don't like Ms. Clinton. *I* don't like her after the negative and frankly false things her campaign has been saying about Mr. Obama.

But this - is stupid. In the article about how close the Nevada race is, they have three pictures. One of Edwards:

Looking presidential!

Of Obama:

Oooo - he's got a Presidential finger!

And then there's Clinton:

What - what the hell is this? Really? That's the picture they're running? Her looking all bug eyed like that?

The problem is, we all have "weird" faces when someone does a frame by frame shot of us talking or interacting with people. But for CNN to choose *this* particular picture of Ms. Clinton smacks me as being just kind of - dickish.

CNN - I don't like her either, but then again, I don't go out of my way to make her look bad. Stop it. You're better than that.

Office 2008 for Mac still doesn't have full exchange support

Outlook 2001:  Full exchange support

Entourage 2004:  Partial exchange support - if you set up your Exchange server to use IMAP, LDAP for address book.  Calendar synching didn't happen

Entourage 2008:  Will it be fully Outlook feature compliant with Exchange?

<blockquote>"No," says Wilfrid, "it won't match 100% feature-for-feature to Outlook 2007. But we've made a lot of progress since 2004, and this has been the next step in our ongoing investment in Exchange support. We're closing the gap with each release."  Source:  <a href="">APC</a></blockquote>

You know, Microsoft, it's pretty bad when you can't make your own products with with <em>your own products</em>.  "Oh, we're working on it!"  How about heading down the hallway, sticking your head in the door and saying "Hey, Rhonda - got the specs on how Exchange does X?  Great - thanks!"

Nah. That would be too hard.  Might make Macs 100% compatible or something.  Heaven forbid, can't have that.

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Some thoughts about health care

I want government health care.

I don't see what the gigantic issue is. We have public schools, and private schools. Tax dollars fund the former so that all children have a chance at getting an education, which makes our country stronger. If you want even better education (or religoius based) and if you can afford it, you can have private schools.

We have police, and we have private security firms. I've never heard someone say that since the police are tax supported, that it precludes someone from hiring a security guard for their business.

We have firemen, and we have private fire retardation systems. Having a firehouse in your city doesn't mean you can't install fire extinguishers in your place of business, or having a super effective fire supression system in your computer room.

So - why does a government built and run hospital mean that you couldn't still have your own private doctor and insurance if you want it?

If we can pay $500 billion every year to Iraq, why couldn't that money be used to build public hospitals, and have doctor's and nurses working in them? Yes, you likely wouldn't get as "good" of a doctor as at a private institution. Then again, you possibly won't get as "good" of a teacher at a public school at a private one. Or as "good" of a police officer as the guy who heads his own private security company.

We have the money. We've done it before in areas like education and postal service and police and fire. It would allow companies like GM and Ford and other manufacturer's to not have health care as their #1 expense, and instead use that money to build better plants and hire US workers.

So why don't we do it?

Oh, that's right: "I shoudn't have to pay for some guy when they get sick."

Just like "I shouldn't have to pay for some kid to get ecducated. Or some other guy's house to be protected form burgers. I shouldn't pay for some other guy's house to be hosed with water if it's on fire."

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Has Bill Clinton finally inhaled?

My opinion on the matter is pretty clear: the lawsuit trying to bar the Culinary Union from voting inside the casinos - a rule that was established *months* ago - is bogus. It's unfair. The Casino Union got permission for a good reason (their members typically have to work on Saturday), it doesn't bother anyone (they take a break/lunch, go vote, go back to work), and it's the very idea of democracy: one person, one vote, it's fair.

Unless you're Bill Clinton:

Mr. Clinton turned the tables on Mr. Matthews, whom the former president asserted had taken "an accusatory tone" by claiming a link to Mrs. Clinton's operation. "Your position is that you think the Culinary Workers votes should count: A — It should be easier for them to vote than anybody else in Nevada that has to work on Saturday. That's your first position. Second, when they do vote their votes should count five times as much as everybody else. That's what the teachers have questioned. So if that's your position, you have it. Get on your television station and say it. ... 'All I care about is making sure that some voters have it easier than others and that when they do vote, when it's already easier for them, their vote should count five times as much as others.' That is your position," Mr. Clinton said. "If you want to take that position, get on the television and take it. Don't be accusatory with me. I have enough to deal with."

Seriously. Let me get this straight: because there are 70,000 Culinary Union workers, and only 10,000 Teacher's Union workers (aka - the people bringing this lawsuit), that somehow it's unfair that the Culinary Union workers get to vote at their place of work, and somehow that makes 1 Culinary Union worker's vote worth more than 1 Teacher's Union vote? Where's the math on that?

Sorry, Bill. I call Bullshit on this one. It's still one vote. This lawsuit is trying to remove the vote from potentially 70,000 people - and there's no good reason for it now.

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There are no veterans sleeping under bridges

Usually I ignore O'Reilly. But evidently he
Now, if I lived in New York, I'd offer $5 to every homeless vet I could find to go stand in line to get in to the O'Reilly show. Since he's offering in this article to take care of them.

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Interesting article on the Ms. Clinton experience

From Slate, that basically boils down to Yes, Ms. Clinton has experience - but how can she claim she has more than the other candidates?

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Clash of the analogies!

Coworker:  I don't want Obama for President.

Me:  Oh?  Why not?

Coworker:  It's like Star Trek.

Me:  OK - go ahead.

Coworker:  You don't get to go from Ensign to Captain in one shot.  You have to put in your time, move up the ranks, get the feel for the whole ship before you become captain.  You have to do some time in all the other jobs before you get to sit in Jean Luc Picard's chair.

Me:  Unless you're Captain Kirk.  Remember - the youngest captain in Starfleet history?  The only one who successfully "beat" the Kobayashi Maru test, which then showed his obvious expertise - even at a young age - that got him onto a fast track into becoming the captain of the Enterprise, the Federation's flagship?  Who do you really think kicked more ass - Picard, or Kirk?

Coworker:  Kirk got more tail, I'll grant you that.

Me:  Exactly.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More coworker discussions

Coworker:  You know, my son is going into politics.  He's going to run for a state attorney's office.

Me:  Really?  Cool.

Coworker:  I don't know - I told him that he had a good chance at private business, why dirty it up with politics?  He's just going to get mud thrown all over him.

Me:  Or, he could be a positive force and change how things work.

Coworker:  You can't change how politics works.

Me:  Bullshit.  The strength that the Founders gave us is that we can have *exactly* the kind of people in office as we want.  If we want good, honest people who debate the issues and reach decisions that benefit us, then we have to vote for them.  If we just throw up our hands and say "Well, they're all dishonest, and there's no use getting involved", then we will get *exactly* the kind of people we see now:  dirty, lying, attack politics that benefit no one but themselves.  *We* have to choose the good people - and good for your son for deciding that he's going to work to do good for people.

Coworker:  Yeah, I guess so.

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Stupid coworker moment

Coworker:  Well, I don't really like either Obama or Hilary - but at least Hilary was never a Muslim.

Me:  Wait a second - you're convicting a guy because his dad was a Muslim, took him outside the us, and evidently you think that Obama is some sort of secret Muslim mole who's out to destroy America?

Coworker:  Muslims have stated they want to destroy the United States of America.

Me:  Even if that was true - you think that people can't grow up, join a church, say "You know what, I'm a Christian" and change? 

Coworker:  People can grow older, but they don't always grow up.

Me:  Wow.  Just - wow.

I didn't think there were really people who thought this way.  This is probably one of the saddest days in my life.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

What complete and utter bullshit

"To me, as an African American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won't say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved," Johnson said.

Obama wrote about his teenage drug use — marijuana, alcohol and sometimes cocaine — in his memoir, "Dreams from My Father."

Johnson later said his comments referred to Obama's work as a community organizer in Chicago "and nothing else. Any other suggestion is simply irresponsible and incorrect," he said in a statement released by Clinton's campaign.

Source: Yahoo News


Complete and utter bullshit.

"Oh, I meant his community work, really!" I say it again: bullshit.

Let me run this one by you:

So, me and my wife went into the bedroom, and then - well, you *know* what we did. Yeah. High five.

Oh, wait - you meant that I was talking about sex? How dare you! I was talking about how we planned for our retirement! How dare you insinuate anything else!

Yeah. I'm sorry, Johnson, but you and the Clinton campaign are full of bullshit. When someone says "I won't talk about what they were doing", that means they were doing something bad. It's like me saying "The police took that guy behind the shed and, well, I won't say what they did, but he filed a lawsuit about it".

To do to this "Oh, you're mistaking my words! Let's talk about the issues now!" while waving your white hanky and trying not to faint isn't working on me. Hopefully it isn't working on anyone else.

Best summary of the Clinton versus Obama race questions

Right here:

You mean, the Clinton Swiftboat Tactics Escalate to Reverse Smear Obama

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teacher's union in Nevada trying to stop votes?

Basically, the Clinton backed Teacher's union is trying to block voting for the Democratic caucus from taking place at the casino's - right after Obama gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers union.

Which would do its voting at - wait for it - the casino's.

This is really disappointing. Every time I start to feel good about Ms. Clinton as President, something like this comes up - negative (and frankly false and hypocritical) letters in New Hampshire, statements like "Well, JFK may have started the civil rights ideas but he was assassinated", and now this "Oh, gee, it's not fair that the food services union gets easy access to voting booths *after* they endorse my opposing candidate".

It stinks of the kind of tactics I'd expect from the Republicans: nasty, negative, divisive politics. And I'd like to think after spending her time victimized by that organization, she'd be better than this.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton staffer on comparing Obama to Kennedy: Kennedy was assassinated, remember

Really?  That's what it's come down to? "Sure, Obama has hope, and he has good ideas, and he's a good speaker - but remember, Kennedy was assasinated! It took a real boring president like Johnson to get civil rights passed!"

It's getting really weird in the Hilary camp out there. Here's the quote:

Today, in Dover, Francine Torge, a former John Edwards supporter, said this while introducing Mrs. Clinton: “Some people compare one of the other candidates to John F. Kennedy. But he was assassinated. And Lyndon Baines Johnson was the one who actually” passed the civil rights legislation.

Source: New York Times

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I want to see so badly - Machine Girl!

It's a Japanese schoolgirl.

With a machine gun for an arm.

I. Must. See. This. Movie.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wii valentine chocolates!

I am *totally* going to order these Valentine chocolate Mii's right now!

Even cooler, for those with different persuasions, you can select by any gender pairing you want. My wife will like this, I hope.

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They're getting more offensive: Democrats are girly men?

So, according to an article in the New York Post, Obama is like a woman with his elegant fingers, Edwards is like a cute 8 year old boy, Hilary is androngenous.

The whole roll down goes like this:

Not only that, but the article basically boils down to this:

Democrats? The men are all gay little boys who like to wear dresses, and the women secretly hide beards in the shadow of their chin.

Republicans: Manly men who are so manly, hair grows with each bead of their sweat that strikes the ground. So potent, that Bob Dole can throw out the Viagra just by getting a whiff of Mitt Romney's man-sweat. Huckabee can impregnate women with just the touch from his fingers. And McCain? He eats live bears for breakfast, and pisses pure fire.

Obviously total liberal bias.

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

We are not the people?

I was sitting in bed (blech - I feel sick) and the news was on, and I saw this:

Guiliani:  America is its best, when people don't rely on the government, but each other.


Wait - I thought that "We the people" are the government.  That statement makes no sense.  And then I see:

Romney:  I don't want socialized health care from the people who brought you Katrina.

Me:  Wait, so the Bush administration, who set up clearly incompetent people to be in FEMA and other institutions, screwed up Katrina.  So because of this, you're saying that government can't do anything right.  Isn't the answer to elect and hire people who are competent, and then - like countries like England and Canada and France - we can have government that does a good job at disaster recovery and national health care and the like?

Why is it that people like Romney and Guiliani point at the incompetence of their own party to emphasize why "government is a bad thing"? 

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Huckabee for Iowa

How crazy is that?  The guy who doesn't believe in evolution, who thinks that people with AIDS should be in a quarantine, the guy who doesn't know anything about the world outside of the US - he's going to be the Republican nominee from Iowa.

Wagh.  I can't decide if I want him to win it to watch him get smacked on the national front, or hope that he goes on to lose because the vague possibility of him winning scares the piss out of me.

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Atheists can't have kids?

At least according to a <a href=",9171,877155,00.html">New Jersey judge</a>, ruling that allowing a little girl to be adopted by a parent who's an atheist would somehow violate her "freedom to worship God".

Good God, but this is stupid.

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