Monday, January 28, 2008

A response to "But Clinton was attacked by Obama first!"

I'm sorry - but I call bullshit.

It was the Clinton campaign that started with frankly lie filled fliers in NH, claiming that Obama wasn't "really" pro-choice by distorting how Illinois politics works.

It was the Clinton campaign that went through grade school records to try and prove some strange "master plan" by Obama to become President.

It was the Clinton campaign that started reminding people starting in NH that "Oh, hey, did you know his father was a Muslim? His middle name is Hussein? How about that?"

It was Bill Clinton that justified the Teacher's Union trying to sue to remove the Culinary Union's ability to vote at their jobs outside their district when they had approval *months* before - only to change when they gave their endorsement to Obama.

It was the Clinton campaign who had not one, not two, but *three* different members remind people "Hey, you know that 30 years ago, Obama did drugs! Hey, Bill didn't inhale, so it's OK!"

It was the Clinton campaign that told people that even referencing how past political leaders of the Republican party meant that you were disloyal to Democratic ideals.

It was Bill Clinton who all but said that SC didn't matter because, well, you know, Jesse Jackson won in 84 and 88 - those black people must just vote for black people without thought, huh? Of course, he ignored that Bill Clinton won SC in 92, that Edwards won SC in '04, so saying that SC just "doesn't matter" would certainly piss me off if I lived there - and may explain why the polls went from 50% to Barack from black voters, 10% of white voters, jumped to 80% of black voters and 26% for white voters - people were pissed.

I used to support Hilary. I used to respect her. But with all of the bullshit her group has been throwing for months now, she lost me. I'll go to Edwards, I'll go to Obama - but if she's going to lie and deceive now, I'm not going to trust her with the white house.

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