Saturday, January 26, 2008

I need this to save you - unless it's not exactly how I want it

President Bush has been telling people that if he doesn't get the updated FISA bill, that terrorirsts are gong to start using their cell phones, buildings will collaspe everywhere, and someone will start engaging in sex with Big Bird. No, not Mr. Snuffleufflgus - but terrorists.

No, not terrorists!

But - if that FISA bill doesn't include immunity for the telecoms - the ones that didn't bother to ask the government for a warrant, and instead turned over private information without a pause, well, then he'll veto it.

Oh, and if Congress and Senate passes a 30 day extension of the current FISA system, then he'll veto that as well.

So, terrorists are going to kill us starting Monday. Unless he gets the bill *exactly* the way he wants it, with *exactly* the immunity for telcos he wants. Otherwise, well, I guess he'll just let the terrorists win.

I'm trying to remember - when he said that you're either "with us or against us", was he talking about America, or just his personal interests?

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