Thursday, January 17, 2008

Office 2008 for Mac still doesn't have full exchange support

Outlook 2001:  Full exchange support

Entourage 2004:  Partial exchange support - if you set up your Exchange server to use IMAP, LDAP for address book.  Calendar synching didn't happen

Entourage 2008:  Will it be fully Outlook feature compliant with Exchange?

<blockquote>"No," says Wilfrid, "it won't match 100% feature-for-feature to Outlook 2007. But we've made a lot of progress since 2004, and this has been the next step in our ongoing investment in Exchange support. We're closing the gap with each release."  Source:  <a href="">APC</a></blockquote>

You know, Microsoft, it's pretty bad when you can't make your own products with with <em>your own products</em>.  "Oh, we're working on it!"  How about heading down the hallway, sticking your head in the door and saying "Hey, Rhonda - got the specs on how Exchange does X?  Great - thanks!"

Nah. That would be too hard.  Might make Macs 100% compatible or something.  Heaven forbid, can't have that.

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