Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Damn it not another Teabagger video

More racist tea party signs

I always love how "it's just the fringe - stop judging us all by the actions of a few!"

Here's my problem with this line of thought: the rest of the group allows and enables those racist fucktards.

If the teabaggers don't want people to think they're racists asshats, the same 20% of the population who followed Bush and Cheney into the ditch then when it became unpopular to love them proclaimed Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck their new saviors - they have to prove it.

That means when Tom Tancredo gives a speech and calls for "literacy tests" to people who are all old enough to remember the Jim Crow era, the response from teabaggers shouldn't be to applaud, but to boo him off the stage.

When someone shows up with a picture of Obama as a witch doctor or referring to him as "boy" or asking "Where's your birth certificate!", the rest of the group shouldn't shrug and say "Oh, well, that's just Earnie," the response of the rest of the teabaggers crowd should be to boo and shame that person and ban them from their midsts.

When I'm in a town hall meeting and a black man stands up and says "Just think of all the progress we made in the 1960's with the civil rights movement", and a teabagger screams at them "Yeah, we know what you did in the 1960's for your kind", or when a black woman speaks and teabaggers scream "Get a job, Oprah", the response of the other teabaggers shouldn't be to applaud, but to be embarrassed.

If and when the teabaggers start doing this, then I'll be ready to start taking them a little seriously. Granted, there's still the "protesting Obama's raising their taxes after they were cut and studies show this is the lowest tax paying generation ever" or "screaming the Obama's taking my guns when not only has he not, he's signed laws allowing more guns in more places than before".

But I'll settle for "stop being a bunch of racist fucktards" as a starting point.