Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Clinton Excuses I'm tired of

1.  Well, if Obama thinks that the mud Hilary's slinging at him is bad now, then he won't be able to survive the Republicans.

Yeah, that's a good excuse.  "Look, we know the Republicans are utter slimeballs when it comes to lying about their opponents.  So we should do the same thing *now* to beat them to the punch!"

2. "It's just the way politics is. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.

Maybe that's not the way politics "is" (though I guess it depends on your definitionof "is"). What if we elected politicians who, instead of lying about their opponents, told the truth? That's it. They didn't bash their opponents, but talked about themselves.

What a crazy idea that people would actually vote honest and honerable people into office, instead of those that lie and deceive. Insanity!

3. Some of the things they talk about Obama admitted, like his former drug use as a teenager. That's fair game.

It may be fair game, but it smacks of hypocrisy. Remember when the Clinton's told us that, well, their drug use was OK because they didn't inhale? So a different guy comes along, says "Yeah, 30 years ago I did something stupid, then I cleaned myself up and dedicated myself to helping my community." But for some reason, *his* past mistake is OK to jump all over, but don't we dare bring up *their* past mistakes (*cough*Monica*cough*).

Those are the two big general ones I'm seeing lately. Personally, I'm getting tired of it. Bill Clinton now claims it's all the medias fault that it looks like he and Obama are fighting. Right, Bill - after you lied about his opposition to the war, your wife's campaign lied about his pro-choice record, after it was OK to say he used drugs as a teenager (oh, but you "didn't inhale" - it's all the media's fault for picking up on that.

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