Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama is projected to win South Carolina

It took 60 seconds to call the result.

According to MSNBC, it looks like Obama is going to win South Carlina by "big numbers", possibly as large as 49% to 37%!

Some other interesting numbers they just put up on the screen:  81% of African Americans voted for Obama opposed to 24% of white voters.  Ms. Clinton got 36% of white voters, and only 17%.

Personally, I think this will destroy the comments of "Oh, South Carolina are going to vote for Barack because of black voters - white people won't vote for him".  At 24/36/29 split for Obama/Clinton/Edwards,  it would seem that nearly the same number of white people in SC liked Obama almost as much as Hilary or Edwards.

The numbers are also showing major changes within the last 3 days.  3 days ago, Mr. Obama was at 50% for black voters, 10% for white.  That changed in a major way within a few days - and I think the negative attacks of the Clintons hit the news cycle, and it's been the big cycle for the last few days.

Hold on to your seats, folks.  I'm going to go sign up to go door to door and help spread the word in Florida.  Yeah, I know - Florida doesn't count, but if I can help deliver the vote to a guy who doesn't lie about his opponent, then I can live with that.

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