Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton: The rules don't apply to me

Months ago, Michigan and Florida decided that they were going to move up their caucus. For right or wrong, the Democratic party warned them if they did that, their delegates would be stripped.

They did it, and the delegates were stripped. From there, it was agreed that no Democratic candidate would campaign in MI or FL. Their names would not appear on the ballot in MI - they had to be on FL to keep them on the ballot in November.

Unless - you're Hilary Clinton. I can't decide I'm going to link to a Fox News article, but long story short, she's coming to Florida. Oh, but she's not "campaigning". She's just here to "make sure the voters are heard".

She now claims that since she won in MI (amazing what happens when you're the only one who doesn't remove your name from the ballot), MI should could and the delegates assigned.

Just - I can't believe the hubris. Everybody else plays by the rules. Nevada, the Culinary Union gets special permission to hold votes in their casinos *months* before the election - then Bill Clinton defends the Teacher's Union lawsuit that would prevent it (just after the Culinary Union endorsed Obama).

It's getting harder and harder for me to keep liking her as time goes on.

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