Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards to drop out?

My wife will be a little sad, but Edwards may be dropping out.

if so, the question is: who benefits? Certainly not the American people - Edwards ran a strong race. I didn't alwys agree with his tactics, but I respected his message. I just thought someone else could do more.

Whomever he gives his support to of the remaining candidates will get a big boost - including those delegates. My personal bet is that he'll hold out until after Tuesday, if not until the convention.

At the same time, does him not in the race at all help Clinton or Obama? Does his being out put more anti-establishment vote into the Obama camp. or does it put more rural white voters her way?

People have been arguing over it either way for some time. I'll be honest: I don't know.

Part of me is glad he's out, to let the two contenders duke it out. Part of me is sad he's gone - I believe him to be a good man who can still do a lot of service for his country, and I applaud his efforts.

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