Monday, March 03, 2008

OMG! Obama's a total anti-semite!

Or, so the news networks would have you believe. Tom Tomorrow has a bit on this in today's "This Modern World".

Yesterday, I caught a rehash of the Lou Dobbs show. Dang it, but Dobbs drives me crazy. I like the populist "corporate interests should not be above individual freedoms", but then he pulls crap like he did yesterday. Basically, the show boiled down to "Hey, Obama's minister said nice things about Farrakhan. Farrakhan said anti-semite things. Therefore, Obama must have issues with anti-semitism!"

It seems that any time there's a black man in the media, they seem to think that they know every other black man. Kind of like how Tim Russert, on "Meet the Press", waited two weeks after Harry Belafonte called America a terrorist organization to ask Obama about it. Why Obama? Why two weeks?

Oh, that's right: they're both black. They must hang out in the secret "black person organization" room after hours, swapping stories or something. At least, that's the only thing I can imagine that's going through Russert's and Dobbs's minds.

And all the while, McCain cozying up to anti-catholics like minister Hagee gets all but ignored. The closest thing I've seen was a bit on Wolf Blizter that went "Hey, this Hagee guy likes McCain - but that's not McCain's fault!"

Yeah - because unlike Obama who both "denounced and rejected" Farrakhan, while McCain accepted Hagee's endorsement.

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Vigilante said...

Call it for what it is: The mainline story from the Ohio debate should be Tim Russert's racist expectation that prominent Afro-Americans have to answer for all of the words and actions of "their people".