Monday, March 17, 2008

Contact your senator on FISA

New votes coming up on the FISA bill - and our chance to keep telecom immunity *off* the table, and force the Bush administration and Republicans to swallow the lies that we *need* telecom immunity to keep us safe - or reward the telecoms for their patriotism (the same telecoms that yanked support when the US went a month without paying the bill).

Contact your senator and tell them to support the new House version of the FISA bill, which allows telecoms to submit evidence to the court that they had permission of the US government to warrantless wiretap. This removes the argument of "Oh, we can't unfairly punish the telecoms for doing what we asked them as a country". If we did, the telecoms can submit evidence to that effect in a secret court.

I mean, it's not like the Bush administration has anything to hide, right? Right?

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