Thursday, March 27, 2008

When you can't tell The Onion from Reality: $300 million contract to a 22 year old

I know that the news has been talking about the fuses of a nuclear weapon that got shipped to Taiwan, but now we know why.

Evidently, the Pentagon awarded a $300 million contract to a 22 year old guy with no experience in working with sensitive materials, and who's Facebook page says "im a super nice guy!"

OK - I don't care that the guy has a Facebook account. 10 years from now, so will everybody in the military and politics. But - why did they give a 22 year old with no experience a $300 million dollar contract?

I'd like to blame this on the Bush administration - it sounds like the kind of incompetent things they'd do but - I can't. I don't know more than this.

But seriously. Guys - we want to keep nuclear parts *away* from people, not *mail them to them*. Luckily it was sent to Taiwan, not Terroristahn or something.

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