Monday, March 24, 2008

Clinton: Hey, let's bring back Greenspan

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton called on President Bush on Monday to appoint "an emergency working group on foreclosures" to recommend new ways to confront the nation's housing finance troubles.

The New York senator said the panel should be led by financial experts such as Robert Rubin, who was treasury secretary in her husband's administration, and former Federal Reserve chairmen Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker. - Source: Yahoo News

Greenspan. Really. The guy who was in charge while this whole mess started. The guy who said "Sure - cut taxes in war time. Why not?" The guy who had no problem with the deregulation of the markets and the credit industry - and now says he just didn't see it coming.

No. Sorry - no more of him. Let's have a discussion on what to do - but I'd like to keep Greenspan as far as the panel as possible.

Update: And to include Robert Rubin? Chairman of Citigroup? Oh, sure - no conflict of interest there.

Clinton: Hey, Rubin, what do you think should happen?

Rubin: Well, let's make it harder for people to declare bankruptcy. And I think a government bailout would be nice.

Clinton: I sure hope the bankruptcy bill doesn't pass, but I'll vote for that anyway!

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paraenesis said...


Oh, O.K., I will if you insist ...
I only meant to convey the gist
of being part of a traveling review
while nonetheless getting my due.

Sinbad should have let me slide
Crow was willing to let it ride.
Now news "snipers", let it rest,
Everyone knows I'm still the best.

Obama's a kid -- yet to face knocks
Not a match for someone on Botox!
The video does show some Tarmac;
and all else -- I take it back