Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dawlishgal nails it

Gee Flitt. If Arianna hasn't already answered your question, allow me to take a crack at it.

Perhaps Obama was naive enough to think that his minister could say the same kind of things as Bush's supporters Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson said, and that people wouldn't put those words in his, Obama's) mouth. Shame on him (as HC said) to have not recognized the utter sleazery of his opponent and her millions of bucks PR firm--the one that specializes in wallpapering over corporate (and now government) malfeasance-- and her desperate, deluded supporters. people who apparently will stop at nothing in their zeal for political power.

Apparently, Obama didn't reckon on the venom and the outright Rovian trickery of the Clinton herself and her PR flacks and her supporters, a sad bunch of ethics-challenged individuals who are looking for something/anything to stop Obama's momentum.. They even come here and whine about relatively trivial , relatively unrelated matters (perhaps as a way to keep from recognizing how many things in the Clintons lives, how many things that really matter, have been kept secret for going on 16 years now).

As but one small example:

Take a look at the records of Hillary's healthcare task force...the group that met in secret, was made up HC cronies, and ended up with --on purpose or not, how can we tell without the records?--a plan that was so flawed and moronic that we ended up with no decent healthcare AND empty pockets for almost a decade and a half.---much to the glee of the profiteering healthcare corporations

What we do know is that the big heatlhcare profiteering ripoff artists, including the drug companies and HMOs, NOW give more money to Hillary than they do to any other candidate, including Republicans. Yet, amazingly, NONE of the HC supporters seem to be the least bit worried about stuff like that, when HC could clear up the whole mystery by merely releasing the papers from that little so called "task force."- Is it a mere coincidence that big healthcare gives so much of THEIR money to a person who claims to want to improve OUR healthcare system...by "our," I mean ordinary citizens, by "their," I mean her pals in corporate healthcare?

Whoops, we CAN'T take a look because these documents are (guess what) bleeping CLASSIFIED. In the meantime, we are free to assume that Hillary takes the money from big healthcare because she knows in her *heart of hearts* that big healthcare wants to give us the best, most economical healthcare ever. Nevermind that they spent millions of ad dollars lying about her previous plan, until enough dupes believed the false advertising and the plan was rejected. Source: HuffingtonPost DawlishGal, unedited

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