Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is Obama waiting to dro the hammer?

After today, likely not much will be changed - Obama will be ahead by about 100 delegates, Clinton behind by about 100 delegates. Unless she gets big wins in Texas and Ohio - like, around 65% of higher, she'll walk into the convention still with 100 less delegates. Though, she does have a lead in super delegates.

Or - does she? According to Tom Brokaw, Obama is waiting with a 50 super delegate swing in his favor announcement for later in the week. Combine that with the announcement that while Clinton raised $35 million in February, it is likely that Obama raised $50 million (or more) during the same period.

Now, imagine if both announcements come out at the same time. This means that Obama would lead in delegates, popular vote, super delegates, money, and states won. It could be the final push to try and get Clinton to go out gracefully.

The question is - which Clinton will hear the message? The one that is proud to be with Obama and wants a Democrat in office no matter what - or the one that believes that John McCain and her have experience while Obama only has "a 2002 speech"?

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