Monday, March 03, 2008

Conversation with a gentleman over health care

I dropped my car to get worked on this morning, and while I was waiting for my shuttle ride home, I sat next to an elderly gentleman who was looking over a pile of insurance papers.

"Looks like you have fun reading," I mentioned.

He looked up, looking tired. "Yeah, right." He gestured at the pile on his lap. "My wife used to handle all of this. I gotta say - I was never a supporter of socialized medicine, but now that I have to deal with it, it doesn't seems like such a bad idea."

"I know - heaven forbid we should have decent affordable simple health care like other nations, right?"

"Yeah - I'm actually ashamed now I voted for Bush over Gore back in 2000. Man, that a dumb thing that was."

"Hindsight is 50/50," I mentioned.

"You mean 20/20."

"Right - sorry, I was thinking about my wife's eyeglass prescription."

We chuckled a bit. But I keep having conversations like this with people, strangers. "Man, Bush is terrible. You know, getting our of Iraq isn't a bad idea. Universal health care sounds pretty good about now."

I can't help but wonder if I'm just running into like minded people - or if there isn't something really happening out there.

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