Friday, March 28, 2008

What the Hell is wrong with this woman?

(Six months ago)

Me: You know, I could deal with almost any of these Democratic candidates for President. Biden really knows his stuff, Dodd is long winded but honorable, this Obama guy seems on the ball, Richardson is really good, Clinton obviously has a lot of experience, and Edwards really seems to want to help the poor. Heck, even Kucinish and Gravel would be better than the Republicans.

My Lovely Wife (MLW): Huckabee's funny, and McCain nice - but yeah. I like just about everybody up here better, even than McCain.

(Four months ago)

Me: Well, I'm putting my chips on Obama. I like him. I like what he's saying.

MLW: Well, I like Clinton.

Me: That's OK.

(Three months ago)

MLW: Did you see this Kindergarten Gate thing? Where Clinton is going through Obama's kindergarten papers to make him look bad?

Me: And what about this stuff she's spewing about his pro-choice record - she's trying to make him look bad by making his votes be the opposite of what he did!

MLW: Well, I'm going to Edwards.

Me: OK.


Clinton Campaign: OK, so we were caught lying about Bosnia and the sniper bullet stuff. And, we blamed it on sleep deprivation when we said it 4 different times, clearly lying about it. But - Obama said he was a professor, and he was only a Senior Lecturer! He's a huge liar!

University of Chicago: Actually, just because his title was Senior Lecturer, doesn't mean he wasn't a professor. Because he was - just not one with tenure. So stop saying he wasn't.

MLW: What is wrong with the Clinton campaign?

Me: Don't look at me. Maybe it's war trauma from dodging all of those sniper bullets while carrying Sinbad to safety in Bosnia.

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