Monday, March 10, 2008

Ah, yes - it's the gays fault. Again.

A nice little anti-gay rant by Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (even though she *swears* that she's not gay bashing - while she's gay bashing. Does that mean someone can say "I don't hate black people - but we got to keep niggers from the White House" and that's OK?) :

What I find funny is the "no nation on Earth that has tolerated homosexuality has survived more than a few decades". No kidding! I mean - Nazi Germany? They were *totally* OK with homosexuality - so much so that they rounded them up and sent them to prison or concentration camps (where they died). Surely they didn't fall apart afterwards, right? Or the Soviet Union - 5 years in jail for men, and enforced drug therapy for women who were gay. They *never* broke up!

Oh, wait - no, they didn't, because when you discriminate against one group, it's bad, and usually leads to your society using them as a scapegoat for their problems rather than fixing what's wrong. Like education in your schools - something that Oklahoma is trying to avoid by passing a law saying that you can use your religious beliefs as an answer in science class. I'm sure *that* won't have any bad repurcussions!

And if things do go wrong, I'm sure we can rely on Ms. Kern to lay blame on the appropriate party. Gay people - all their fault for declining science standards in Oklahoma, or lost jobs, or rising price in gas, or - something.

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