Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm at home. And The View is on. And I'm shouting at the TV

My wife likes to watch The View when I work from home. I'm in the other room, and I hear Blond Woman talking about "the racist things that Reverend Wright preached".

"Like what?" I shout back at the TV.

They talk about having friends with opinions you don't share, or Republicans who didn't distance themselves from people like Hagee. And Blond Woman brings up "Reverend Wright's racism".

"Like what?" I shout back from the other room.

Why don't they ever bring that up? What did Wright say that was racist? What? Please, for the love of God. Someone hit that subject. Nobody ever says "What did he say that was racist?" Offensive? Sure - if you're a white person who thinks that saying "rich white people rule America".

*sigh* It's a very simple argument to ask about. But nobody ever does. Is that because nobody actually heard the words, and hear all the time "Wright's racist comments" - without knowing what they are?

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