Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, no - it's not about race at all

Showing Barack in cuts to make him look like he's stuttering. Then shots of Louis Farrakhan commenting about chickens, of Michelle Obama commenting how, as a black man, he could be shot going into a gas station.

And the guy who made it:

And despite the inclusion of Malcolm X, the black Olympians and a rap song by Public Enemy, Habeeb claimed he was not being suggestive.

"I didn’t do this to make him like a scary black man." - Source: Politico


This video is about racism. Why include Michelle Obama commenting about her fears of what would happen to Barack just because he's a black man in society - if not to play the "Oh, wah, black people playing the victim card again!"

Or the tie of "Hey, Wright talked about chickens coming home to roost. Farrakhan talked about chickens coming home to roost. Wait - they're both black, therefore, there's a connection, because white people *never* talk about chickens coming home to roost!"

And, for the millionth time, I'm still not getting what Wright said that was so scary. But I guess that's me. But for this Habeeb guy to claim this wasn't about racism - bullshit.

And this is how the conservatives are going to run the rest of the campaign. "Oh, *we're* not the racists - Obama is, and we *have* to point that out over and over again and show all of the black people he hangs out with. Big, scary black people who complain about social injustice, or that US policy might contribute to the terrorism problem. And it's the job of us, the noble, patriotic conservatives, to point out those loud, scary, black people who are *clearly* racist for having the audacity to point out how much it sucks to be black in America with those crumbling schools or areas of Chicago that get less services than white areas of town."

"Oh, and making sure we tie Obama to those big, scary black people as much as possible. Because remember, it's not the *conservatives* that are racists here - it must be Obama!"

What a bunch of bullshit.

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