Sunday, March 02, 2008

Would Huckabee Help Texas Creationists - or not?

I ran across this article on Time about how Huckabee's campaigning in Texas could help get creationism in schools.

The idea is actually fairly logical: Huckabee believes in Creationism. He tends to draw in the Evangelical votes. On March 04, Texas is going to hold a vote not only on the primaries, but on a measure to rewrite the Texas schoolbooks and, like Kansas, decide that evolution doesn't need to be in there. (Just ignore that it accurately predicts everything from DNA findings to fossil locations to all sorts of things, while Intelligent Design - doesn't.)

So if Huckabee draws in more evangelicals, and they see the measure, they'll likely vote for it.

There's just one question I have on this issue: what about the Democrats?

So far, in pretty much every primary - even in the "red states", Democrats have been turning out in greater numbers than Republicans. In Virginia, the numbers of Democrats voting buried the Republicans by huge margins.

What if the people voting mainly for the Democratic primary turn out in huge numbers like Texas - and then those "let's throw out evolution from the textbooks" measures find themselves being looked at by more liberal thinking people?

I'm not educated enough about Texas either way, but it would be interesting to know.

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