Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bush Administration: What endangered species?

The Bush administration has been silently removing plants and animals from the endangered species list, and for the last two years have added none to the rolls - even when scientists working in the administration have pushed them to act, and some species have gone completely extinct.

In other words - Bush policy as usual. Incompetent at best - or downright evil at worst. To actually use policy and procedural rules to say "Well, yeah, so this particular animal is vanishing because of what humans have done - well, I guess we showed it who's boss!" is horrible.

Oh, and what's their excuse? "Well, all of those lawsuits in the 90's made it hard!" We've seen this before. What is the reason now that President Bush says the FISA bill (the one he ignored with warrentless wiretaps) is being passed in the house without his precious retro-active immunity for the telcoms? All because rotten nasty evil trial lawyers trying to make a quick buck off of patriotic telephone companies pushed Congress to remove immunity for the telecoms. You know - big trail lawyers like the Electronic Freedom Foundation and the ACLU.

Right - I forgot, it's the Bush administration. When they're incompetent, they get medals. When they try to block real progress that would do some good for people (or endangered animals and plants) instead of business, well, it's someone else's fault.

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