Friday, February 29, 2008

Roosters always come home

Since 1972, the Republicans have cozied up to the more extreme members of the religious community - promising them that they would outlaw abortion via a constitutional amendment (which didn't happen), or stopping gay marriage via a constitutional amendment (didn't happen either), or outlawing sodomy (struck down by the Supreme Court). But the idea was "Hey, we're like you - give us your vote, ignore what Jesus actually said about helping the sick and the poor, and we'll get along great.

"Just don't tell us what to do."

Well - looks like things have come home to roost. You've got Huckabee, a guy who doesn't believe in evolution and thinks the Constitution should be modified to fit "God's Laws" (great - so health care for everyone and help for the poor, right? No? Damn).

And - it's getting worse. See, McCain needs that right wing religious vote. So he's going for evangelicals. And he gets the support of John Hagee - hey, you can't get more religious right! I mean, this guy hates gay people with a passion!

One problem: Evidently, he's also pretty anti-Catholic. And the biggest religious jackass since Jerry Falwell, Bill Donahue of the Catholic League - which isn't sponsored by the Catholic Church, just a bunch of rich conservative guys who scream about everything they think offends them - now has entered the fray.

Seems that Donahue has his panties in a bunch over Hagee and McCain getting hooked up. See, Hagee has been telling people that the Catholic Church is the whore of the Earth talked about in Revelations. Somehow, Donahue is offended by this.

I'm going to get some popcorn - evidently, Donahue is going to be on CNN later today to complain about it. I have to admit - schadenfreude can be sweet!

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