Monday, February 11, 2008

Not a good sign for the Clinton campaign

Getting outraised by a guy who a year ago was 20 points behind you in the polls? A little bothersome.

Being behind in delegates (not superdelegates) to a guy who was 20 points behind you in the polls as little as a couple of weeks ago in lots of states? More bothersome.

Finding out that the $175 million you had saved up for the campaign was pretty much gone, and nobody bothers to tell you until after Super Tuesday, and now people start to wonder if you're really qualified to run your campaign, let along a country?

That's a big, huge problem.

According to the Chicago Tribune, nobody had bothered to tell Senator Clinton that the campaign was broke. Evidently, she didn't keep an eye on the balance sheets either. Look, I know she's busy, but - isn't good judgement in who you hire important? Being the kind of person who says "OK, let's take an hour - give me the numbers. How are we doing?" every few days (like on the airplane or something while you're going to the next campaign stop) - isn't that kind of important?

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