Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why the Democratic Primaries are like Bleach

I've read about the first 15 volumes of Bleach. I actually like it - but there's certainly a pattern:

Ichigo: Man, you're strong!
Bad guy: That's right - I'm way stronger than you!
Ichigo: I can barely hold my own! Guess I'll have to get stronger!

(Insert training here.)

Bad guy: No way - you couldn't get strong this fast! Nooooooo!

Now, you've got this:

Barack Obama: My debating skills are weak!
Senator Clinton: Hahaha - my policy stating abilities are greater than yours!
Obama: I can barely hold my own - I need to get stronger.
Clinton: No - you couldn't have gotten better at debating this fast!

It seems that with every debate, Obama gets stronger, more confident, faster with the verbal judo to take his opponents argument and turn it right against him.


Pam said...

Haha. Politics as shonen battle manga. I love it!

So does this make Republicans the Hollows? 'Cause that totally works!

John Hummel said...

I know there's Eagle, which is suppose to be a manga about an asian-American running for president. I plan on reading it someday - but shonen battle political manga could be interesting.

Personally, I've thought a manga series about American history would be cool - there's enough drama in the Revolutionary and Civil war participants to do some really interesting stuff.