Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh, now you're just talking nonsense

First, Obama wasn't black enough. Then, he only appealed to black people, and not to whites (no matter what the numbers said in places of all white people like Iowa and New Hampshire).

Then, he wasn't experience enough, didn't know enough about how the power game was played.

Now, the Clinton camp calls him the establishment candidate.

This has to be the biggest load of nonsense ever. This is like when Regean told Carter "There you go again", when Carter was right. This is like when Bush claimed that Kerry was "exaggerating" that Bush had said he wasn't interested in Osama - when Bush had said it in an interview a week before.

What next - they're going to claim that Obama is the true candidate with experience, but that's bad opposed to the Clinton's "message of change" that will restore Washington?

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