Friday, February 08, 2008

I don't hate Tom Delay. He's just - closed minded.

I don't mind someone with a viewpoint - but what kills me is when they hold that viewpoint to the exclusion of all else.

Like - Tom Delay. I was catching some MSNBC, when I saw Tom Delay talking to Chris Matthews about conservative values. And the exchange basically went like this:

Delay: Global warming might be happening, but there's no science that proves its caused by man.

Matthews: What about the studies showing the Rocky Mountains snow cap is vanishing, and it's directly attributable to man's impact on the climate?

Delay: Why, that's just arrogance to suggest that man can affect climate change. There's no science that supports such a notion.

This reminds me of watching the recent Dover, PA Intelligent Design trials. First you had an ID scientist explain that there were no studies that explained how the immune systems evolved. So the prosecuter dropped some studies on his lap that did. Well, they didn't do it well enough. So the prosecutor brought out some books that showed how the immune system evolved - whole texts of research done based on DNA and everything else.

Nope, the ID scientists said - not proof.

Delay strikes me as the same way. In the past, people dumped whatever they wanted into the oceans. It was hubris to think that man could affect what God had made - we were so small compared to God's work!

And then the Hudson River caught on fire. And then lakes were so polluted by industries that children were born with birth defects.

It doesn't matter what you show, the very notion of "conservative" is basically "unchanging". Don't bother me with the evidence that shows I'm wrong, whether it be science or economics or health. Don't show me that people in England now have greater purchasing power than the US in spite of taxes that make gas $8 a gallon. Don't show me that people in Canada have better health and more access to health care than the average American.

And certainly, don't show me evidence of evolution, global warming, pollution, or any of that liberal mumbo-jumbo. It's not science, because I say so, and I'm going to sit here, shout over you and not listen while everything burns down around me.

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Ruth Etters said...

Tom Delay is "just close-minded?" That's rather generous of you. He's also a crook.

John Hummel said...

@Ms. Etters,

Well, that is true. I try to be conservative with my criticism unless they really piss me off (like Romney did).

That said, I don't see myself ever wanting to be in negotiations with Delay. He doesn't negotiate, he just says "My ideas are all they are."

That said, I try not to hate him. If anything, I pity him. All of that money and power, and he'll eternally consider the world his enemy, and die so bitter.