Sunday, February 17, 2008

A talk with a church member on evolution

Me: I'm going to a school meeting to encourage them to support the
measure to state that evolution should be taught in schools.

Church member (CM): you don't believe in intelligent design?

Me: No. It's not science.

CM: you don't think Gid made the Earth?

Me: I didn't say that - I just don't think that ID does any
predicting or offers any explanation other than "Soneone did it" .

CM: Don't ID people say that God did it? I don't even know the theory.

Me: Nope. Just that "someone" did. And since that doesn't explain
*how* it was done, it is useless to our children.

That's what struck me as odd - he didn't know what ID was about - just
that it was "like evolution with religion" .

It's not even that- its a thought without any proof save for
complaints that the working theory isn't good enough for them.

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