Friday, February 22, 2008

FISA bill argument gets all 24 on us

Here's the ad from the Republicans:

Here's the part I love:

Democrats have refused to pass the bill. The same Democrats who said:

* If the bill passes without Telcom immunity, the President would veto it. No, wait, that was Republican President George W. Bush.
* If the extension for 21 days passes instead of the full renewal to make warrantless wiretapping legal for at least another year (with immunity!), the President would veto it.
* Or the amendment to the bill that would allow the secret FISA courts to review the secret information in a classified manner, and *they* could determine if the Telcoms broke the law in giving the government access to data without a warrant, and if they did, then the government would pay their bills. Nope - Republicans blocked that one too.

So, we're all going to die because of terrorists any second now with a big Jack Bauer "24" clock ticking down, but even though the Republicans announce they will veto the bill if it doesn't protect business interests, the Republicans will veto any extensions, and won't even allow the possibility that the Telcoms broke the law - it's the Democrats fault for - oh, I don't know, trying to protect civil liberties or some nonsense.

Come on, folks - we're at war, here! We need to destroy the Constitution if we're going to save it!

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