Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Clinton running low on cash?

This can't be good - evidently, Clinton advisors are now going without pay, she's having to loan her campaign $5 million from her personal funds, and she's trying to raise $3 million in 3 days - which would match the speed of Obama donations.

I don't know how she's doing - but evidently, Obama just raised $4 million in 24 hours. Heck, I'm giving him $25 tomorrow when I get paid tomorrow.

Now, while it can be fun to go "ahaha", this isn't good news for the Clinton campaign. Guiliani had to start getting people to work without pay - and he tanked. Romney had to start loaning his campaign money from his personal stash - and there's talk that he's about to tank next.

So far, Obama is the only one getting more cash fast - and from people making an average of $50 donations. What will it mean? Likely nothing - but I guess we'll have to see.

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