Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of all reasons, this is why Obama will win

Obama, as he began his speech, said he had "some business to take care of." "Each and every one of you can go down to the Hamilton County Board of Elections - that's 824 Broadway - and vote right now,'' Obama said.

The campaign had buses parked outside Fifth-Third Arena to take people to the board of elections to take advantage of Ohio's early voting system. (The Board is open until 8 p.m. each night this week.)

And that's it right there: organization. For a guy who claims his greatest weakness is that he looses pieces of paper, and needs someone to organize this time, he gets it. Feet on the ground every step of the way, take nothing for granted - and get them to vote *now*.

I saw that in Texas when he gave his speech in Houston. He got the crowd pumped up, told them why he was a good choice - and then told them right there "You've all got this piece of paper for early voting - go use it right now and vote."

Hopefully, this ability will translate when he gets to the general, and when he gets to the White House. Imagine a country when we're told "You want X? OK - this is what *you* are going to have to do. Here's why we should - now, go do it. Right now."

Hope isn't enough - and its clear that Senator Obama knows that it's hard work that will get him there. Which is probably why he's now winning.

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