Saturday, February 23, 2008

Will Huckabee destroy the Republicans to save them?

It's looking more and more like Mike Huckabee actually thinks he can win.

There's been talk by those on the far Religious Right about floating their own party - McCain wasn't anti-abortion enough, Guiliani wasn't anti-gay enough, Paul wasn't faith donating even if they do nothing enough, and Romney - well, he was a Mormon, and we all know that Mormons secretly want to marry all of your women and eat your babies - or so I hear from some "Christians".

Huckabee, who says he doesn't believe in evolution and considered homosexuality the same as bestiality? He's just the right kind of crazy.

Huckabee, with the McCain scandal, might win Texas. Then force the GOP convention floor to say "Screw it - let's give it to Huckabee!" But if he does that, will the GOP fracture as people go "But - but I voted for the Maverick!"

Hm. And I thought the Democratic party was in trouble with the Super delegates.

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