Friday, October 05, 2007

Very funny, God

My Lovely Wife (MLW): So to fix the switch on the car, it'll be $140. But they can't find the leak yet, so we might have to take it to a body shop.

Me: Dang it! I *knew* this was going to happen when I got that 70 hours of vacation time paid all at once. Our cars were fine until I got that. Then, just as we're about to put a big amount into savings, my car light turns on and the dealership thinks it'll cost $1000 to fix, your car gets a leak and the AC stops working, the phone charger stops working - I'm telling you, it's like God figured "Huh-huh, this'll be funny - I'll screw with John a little."

MLW: Really.

Me: Yeah. That's why I'm not an atheist - I just figure God's a jerk.

Thunder: Roll!

Me: Yeah, I heard you. And let me guess - 15 minutes from now when this data transfer I'm doing only has 1 minute to go, you'll knock out the power just because you've got a lame sense of humor!

MLW: OK, breath, honey. Breath.

(15 minutes later to the dot.)

Thunder: Crash!

Power: Off!

Me: Ha, ha, ha, God! You're still a jerk!

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