Thursday, October 11, 2007

Phoenix Wright Temptation

I won't say from where. But someone gave me access to the Japanese version of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.

I have the US game reserved at my local Gamestop (yeah, I know, usually I don't reserve games and give Gamestop a loan that they can then use to invest and earn interest on, but with the reservation you get a Phoenix Wright plushie!). I plan on playing the US version.

But I'm oh so tempted to start playing it *now*....

Stay strong, John! Stay strong!


Pam said...

So, when does this come out, anyway?

John Hummel said...

The 23rd. I can be good for that long. I still have to finish Suikoden II first.

And my homework I guess.

pam said...

Geez. So, theoretically, I could get it in time for my 4-hour flight to CA on the 25th. But I'd probably have to go to an EBGamestop, wouldn't I. This bears thinking about.