Saturday, October 06, 2007

Amazon MP3 store? Oh, lordy, yes.

For some time, there's really only been one choice for a good online store. Yes, there's and others that sell stuff by independant artists. Don't get me wrong - I like independant artists, and if I hear a good song by an indy band, I'll go get it.

But there's some stuff I just like. Nirvana. The other day, I caught "Wayward Son" and went "Dang - I need that on my iPod!" And for that, it's the iTunes store all the way. The other stores, from Real to Wal-Mart and especially the Zune store, didn't work on anything but either a Microsoft Plays-for-Sure, or a Zune - which wasn't even Plays-For-Sure! What the hell was that about?

I liked the iTunes store. Easy to use, click, click, done. Good prices. Yeah, I was worried that some day if I ever left the world of iPod that my songs didn't work, but that's not going to happen soon.

But then - Amazon.

Le sigh.

MP3 files. No DRM. Works on anything that'll play MP3 files, from iPods to Sony to Microsoft to Joe Bob MP3 player. Has a downloader that works with Windows and OS X, and will have a Linux version soon. Not a huge library yet, but good sized. Prices cheaper than the iTunes store. Heck, way cheaper - the entire Pink Floyd "The Wall" was only $9 for a 2 CD set. 256 bit encoding, so it's so close to CD quality you can smell it.

I told my wife if she's going to buy a song online, let me know first, because I'd rather go to Amazon than iTunes at the moment. Bravo, Amazon.

You actually get it, and you got me to spend $20 on you already. Bravo.

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