Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pure Colberium

A coworker and I were talking about the appearance by Stephen Colbert at the White House Press Dinner all those years ago. We were going over the transcript, and frankly amazed that there he was, 3-4 seats away from the President, basically saying that he was a liar, an idiot, and someone who would rather take the country down in flames than admit "OK, I was wrong, I made a mistake - let's fix it".

I can't imagine being that close to a guy who's #2 shoots people in the face - and then gets them to apologize for getting shot. I remember watching the video, and how quiet the room of journalists became as he realized that Colbert wasn't so much ripping on the President, as ripping on them for not having the balls to look into his lies and distortions.

That's when my coworker and I decided that Colbert must have balls of solid brass. No, not solid brass - something denser, stronger. A substance I have termed - Colberium. A metal that lives within the balls of Stephen Colbert so strong, that nothing can escape it. Not even apathy.

Keep going, Mr. Colbert! Continue to lead us with your balls of might!


Poet/Ninja said...

If we could harness the power of pure Colberium, our machines would be an unstoppable force! We could RULE the WORLD!

*maniacal laugh*

That said, yes. The man is amazing.

John Hummel said...

Hm - now we just need Mr. Colbert to stay still long enough for us to hook up the generator to his balls.

And that's a mental picture that I didn't need. Curse you, brain!