Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stop the Presses - Romney said something I agree with

OK - hold on before you bash Romney for saying he'd consult his attorneys before bombing Iran..

Let me start with this: I can't stand Romney. Hell, I'm a Mormon and I think Romney is a major flip-flopping speaking out of both sides of his mouth say anything to get elected Guantanamo supporting Constitution illiterate douchebag.

That said - in this case - he's right. If the President discovers - as in the case of this question - that a foreign country is going to do something "bad", he doesn't just say "Fire up the planes - let loose the dogs of war!"

This is why we have Checks and Balances in our government. First he needs to find out - is this information true? Then, if he wants to blow some shit up, he has to decide - does this constitute a Clear and Present Danger to the United States (as established in Supreme Court precedent, which enables a President to use emergency war powers if necessary to protect the nation), or do I need to go get authorization from Congress first? If the former, then go blow shit up. If the latter, then go to Congress and get permission, *then* blow shit up.

This is one of those rare times where Romney actually gets it right: you discuss with advisers - people who are experts in their fields (intelligence, constitutional law, etc) - and then make your decision. You don't fire the ones that disagree with you or push them aside in favor of someone who agrees with you (as per the Bush administration), but you don't just run off half cocked thinking you know everything.

Holy crap, I can't believe I'm agreeing with Romney on anything - but this time, he's right.

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Poet/Ninja said...

It's not all -that- shocking that the folks queuing up on the conservative side of the fence have figured this out, though. After all, the current guy's approval rates are in the toilet precisely -because- he's a warmongering moron who didn't check his facts first, twice, and has us embroiled in massively unpopular foreign occupations.

It'd be far more surprising if they were -not- saying something like this, at the very, very minimum. It's a necessary part of their formula if they want any hope of a win next election.