Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I used - options

For the first time in my life, I exercised my stock options - since they expire on the 22nd (after leaving my old company).

Here's the deal: I actually have 300 shares of stock in the old company, but I can only use 64 until 12/2007, then I get another 159, and by June 2008 I get all of the rest. But I also have 300 shares of *options*.

Today, I have become a man of the financial world. I used my old stock to swap for the value of the options. I am now - after taxes - $500 richer.

On paper.

Next week with my paycheck, I'll probably buy another $1000 of options - that should net me another $500 after taxes, so my stock "current worth that I can use" will go form $1200 to $2200 in a week. And, everything else holding steady, means that by this time next year my stock value should be worth $10000, and with the savings my wife and I are putting together we'll have another $10000.

And then we'll spend it all on a down payment on a house.

And - maybe a big screen.

But the house first.

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