Sunday, October 07, 2007

25% will always be wrong

I had a coworker convinced of several - odd things.

First was that we had found WMD's in Iraq, but the "liberal media" was covering it up. When I pointed out that sure, we had found 10 year old munitions but not the "current and ongoing" labs that we were told existed, he pointed out the buried old crap as proof.

We were talking about nominees, and he said he could never vote for Obama because he was a Muslim. When I pointed out that a) no he wasn't, and b) even if he was, why did it matter, the response was "Look at his name! He's a Muslim!"

And finally, the Rush thing, that people were accusing Rush of calling Iraq war veteran protesters "phony soldiers". He had the transcript that proved otherwise.

"Dude, that's the doctored version by Rush. They didn't start talking about fake soldiers until 90 seconds later - before that, they were only talking about veterans who opposed the war."

He shook his head at me sadly. "That can't be - Rush said that this was true."

And then it all made sense. Rush said it was true. If it turned out that one thing Rush had said was a lie, then what? What would that say about my coworker - that he had spent years being dumb enough believing a lie, defending a lie?

Evidently, it was easier to go on believing a lie than just say "Huh. Guess I was wrong."

Which is why no matter what happens, Bush will *always* get 25% of the population to support him.

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