Friday, October 05, 2007

Eating with babies

This morning I used some leftover chicken and made myself an omelet.
And then I realized:

I am eating chicken with eggs. Isn't that like eating a chicken with -
chicken babies?

I felt guilty. Well, not really. Well, a little.
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M.D.S. said...

*kicks you for leaving LJ. But not very hard*

Blogger has its own issues on this system for me, but hell, it still loads quicker than LJ.

(this is Khaman, incident)

John Hummel said...

Sorry - I feel like a terrible, terrible person.

Well, not that much. Just a little bad, but I really needed to be able to get to it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact: the song title 'Mother and Child Reunion' was taken from the name for a chicken and egg dish in a restaurant menu.

But I take no responisiblity if that's actually an urban legend that I didn't bother to verify.

John Hummel said...

@anonymous: Who sings the song? I'm not familiar with that one.

Anonymous said...

Paul Simon, and here's some confirmation that the story I told was true: