Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joe Scarborough: Only stupid people didn't want to hear about Wright

I was just about to leave for work, and then I heard this. I kept backing up to get the transcript down, because I don't want to misquote him.

Joe Scarborough: The thing is, we told the truth yesterday. And it enraged a lot of people, we got emails that [unknown] "why are you focusing so much on Reverend Wright" - you know, we were focusing so much on Reverend Wright because Reverend Wright made news. And stupid people don't like that fact. If stupid people like a candidate, and news comes up that they like, then stupid people like to attack the people that are bringing them the news. Stupid people like shooting the messengers. Well stupid people are happy today because Barack Obama stopped acting stupid. He distanced himself from Reverend Wright. He did what he should have done months ago back in Philadelphia, and I think he hit all the right notes. Because of it, this issue is behind Barack Obama. Hilary Clinton and John McCain - they can't attack him any more.

What. A. Line. Of. Bullshit.

Evidently, I'm a stupid person. Because I wanted to hear about if the "gas tax vacation" that Senator Clinton and Senator McCain proposed is a good idea, or one that will leave 300,000 construction workers out of work. I must be a stupid person, because I wanted to hear how the John McCain health care plan will compare to the Obama/Clinton health care plans.

I must be a really stupid person, because I'm more interested in Pentagon employees and contractors being used as fake independent mouthpieces on news channels, giving a biased view of the news that helped to propel the Iraq War. I must be incredibly stupid, because I want to hear about how McCain is holding back the new GI Bill, and if his reasons make sense, or if they're just partisan crap.

I must be the dumbest person alive, because I want to hear about what's going to be done about house foreclosures, about whether capital gains taxes kicks in for those who make more then $200,000 or above, and whether student loans are going to be there for my children, or will only the rich get to send their kids to college. Or how Bush is trying to blame Democrats who have been in office for 18 months and who's children's health care initiatives he vetoes are to blame for the deregulation that caused our financial markets to act like a train running off the rails.

So thanks, Joe - I never knew how stupid I was because I didn't want to hear 4 straight hours of Reverend Wright, and wanted to hear about the issues.

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