Thursday, May 01, 2008

Financial markets reform themselves! Not.

Am I surprised? Evidently, with the mortgage market failing, billions of dollars being written off, government bailouts - you'd think the financial market would at least try to have some guide rails on their road so they don't go flaming off the track and smash into a tree.

Figuratively speaking.

Evidently - not so much. Once again we hear the clarion call "No, really - we can police ourselves - we promise this time! And if we can't - well, the taxpayers can bail us out again!"

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Poet/Ninja said...

There's no way we SHOULD be letting these people police themselves.

Of course, their services should also be unnecessary. Poor people are seduced by these predators into overextending themselves for unnecessary luxuries. Do you folks really NEED a bigger car? A second TV?


Our culture is SO VERY MORALLY BANKRUPT. So wholly unaccountable. Dammit.