Saturday, May 17, 2008

Real conversations with my wife: Who's romantic

Me: Hey, that's out song!

My Lovely Wife (MLW): We have a song?

Me: Yes. You picked it out when we were dating for a year. "Forever with you." I think you got it from the "90210" soundtrack.

MLW: I don't have a 90210 soundtrack.

Me: You didn't. You had it on a cassette. It's black and white.

MLW: Uh - I don't remember that.

Me: You notice who's the more romantic of the two of us? Who remembers all of these events from our lives?

MLW: I lost brain cells. I lost them pushing out three of your children.

Me: Oh, I forgot. The "I had babies" defense.

MLW: Exactly. Wait - is that our song playing?

Me: ....

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