Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fingerprints are not personal data?

US Attorney General Chertoff doesn't think that fingerprints are personal data.

After all, you leave fingerprints on everything they touch - so its perfectly reasonable that the government can share your fingerprints with whomever it wants! While we're at it, why not sharing your DNA with anyone who thinks they should have access as well - I mean, you leave DNA *everywhere*, so why make that personal?

And when you have a conversation with someone you think is a private discussion in your home - that can't be personal because those sound waves are out for anyone to hear! If you didn't want people to know what you were saying in the privacy of your home, you should have done it telepathically!

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Poet/Ninja said...

In all fairness, there has never been a point where Chertoff did not appear to be a mouth-breathing during his office.