Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Damn it, Bush is not changing his position on climate change

CNN is breathlessly reporting that Bush is having a change of heart on carbon emissions.

No. He's not. This is the same bullshit we've seen before. Remember 2000, and how concerned he was with global warming? And then as soon as he got into office, he tossed out the Kyoto treaty and suddenly decided (as the Decider) that the science was still out on the topic?

Or how in pretty much every State of the Union address he goes on about how he wants to start using switchblade to make ethanol, or have fleets of hydrogen run cars? And then - nothing.

Now, he wants to deal with emissions - in 2025. Sure - plenty of time after he's long left office. Then again, perhaps the smoldering ruins of Iraq won't be burning anymore by 2025, so that's one source of emissions we can cross off.

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